EP II [demos]

by The Midwestern Bass Machine

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recorded at the house, green bay, wi, oct. 2015 - mar. 2016

recorded at the dorm, minneapolis, mn, dec. 2015 - apr. 2016


released April 25, 2016

brock splawski - production, synths, organ, keyboard, drums, vocals

nick williams - guitar, production (track 4)



all rights reserved


The Midwestern Bass Machine Minneapolis, Minnesota


born in green bay, wi


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Track Name: A Night With No Stars
I don’t want this below
I’m up against the phone
Tell me where I am

Alone across the floor
Tell me what it’s for
Some things have to be

I want to take you home
I want to let you know
You’ll never be alone

Say you’ll be okay
Say I’ll never change
Some things have to stay
Track Name: Cape Cod
I’ve been a victim of that Cape Cod sound
But the weather’s getting better

I’ve been a good friend of that lost and found
But you never send me letters

I’ve been-a walking around this parking lot
So much time for getting nowhere

So much of life is spent in one small spot
Makes one wonder if he’s actually there

It’s been a busy day
It’s been a busy way
It’s been a busy day…

(Now I’m coming home
Now I’m coming home
I can’t be alone
I can’t be alone)

Oh, now he won’t forget
Track Name: Today
Today, everything isn’t right now
Say, we should stop in the next town

Wait, for the man to get nowhere
State, of the life that he can’t share

Fate, never works for the doubters
Late, as I jump off the tower
Track Name: Can't Forget
Seems like falling down
Or away lost at sea
Or the one that's left behind
Or the wake of you and me

Maybe I know that
Maybe it's better
But I can't forget the time

I know where I am
Every day every night
Like the one who knows too much
Trusts the same old thing

Maybe I know that
Maybe it's better
But I can't forget the time
Track Name: Love Is a Beautiful Illusion
When I'm walking around town
My fingers get numb from the cold now
I wish that we could pray for warmth

My brother, come help me
You don’t feel so cold like you used to
I wish that home wasn’t so bad

Give me some time
I’ve just been alone now
For a long time so

You're saddened
For nothing
You talk
Too much

You’re broken
For something
You’ll never
Track Name: Seashore and Horizon
Now I see the trees are thinning
My eyes see the seashore there
Shimmering, the sea is brimming
Simmers salty air

If I don't guess then I won't know

Now I've seen a blue beginning (now I go)
And I've seen a blue 'the end' (now I know)
Set the scene for seaward swimming (now I go)
Dim the stage again

If I don't guess then I won't know