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beginning of an era

recorded in a house in st. paul, mn, nov. 2016 - may 2017

mixed in a house in st. paul, mn, may 2017


released May 22, 2017



all rights reserved


The Midwestern Bass Machine Minneapolis, Minnesota


born in green bay, wi


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Track Name: Home II
People with wives
Tuck into bed
All set

The house is warm,
the night has set,
all set

Good night…

Suburban life
Just seems so right
For him

The girl is cute
He holds her close
to him

A good life...
Track Name: Beads
Personal best
You read about all the blogs
Who will praise you
If only they’d see in you

The first and the last
You had to wake up today
and go to work
If only they’d rescue you

They’re singing their songs, but they are in the other room
I want to leave
I want to see
I want to know the secrets of your world

But I’m so alone, I haven’t seen you around
I’m falling down
I’d rather die
Just trying to back away from this horrid lie

Personal worst
They’re all way cooler than me
Can’t figure out
A place in the grass for me

Serial smiles
The garden has been locked away
Get your cash out
And save a spot for me

She reaches the spoon, and tells you all about
Her lovely life
Her lovely friends
I’m scared of her, and I have no idea why

Her beady eyes, they stare right back at you
What do you do?
What can you say?
I’m scared of that, I have no idea why

I’m scared of life, I have no idea why

That’s insane
The park was so filled
The students were done
They were done

To drinks on the roof
To life with some youth
To access of truth

Fast cars
You get them for what?
Your money is nothing
Your life is worth something

To life in my room
To wasting my youth
To nobody’s truth

The babies were nice
But you are just my age
I wouldn’t want them

Impressive state
The privacy fence
Won’t help you much
Won’t help you much
Track Name: Dream Song
The meadows don’t speak (you had this)
The medals don’t break (Sitting in Mavis’ garden)
My death’s on
Mondays (pirouette into nothing)
Going down south (pirouette into a dream)
You had this

So what do I do now
Sleepless in the night
The fears will write themselves
Don’t up a fight

An unattractive kid
Perfect in his dreams
The tears come down so far
Turn into a stream

The tears will write themselves
There was a chance there was a start
The fears come out themselves
For someone who could fall apart

I’d say I’d take you out
I’d say something, that freaks me out
But for everything you lack
Is there something you’d take back?

The simple message looms
The city’s set to crumble too
It’s hard to understand
It’s hard to wake up full of youth

Don’t try to right the wrongs
Don’t try to figure it all out
Because what can you do?
What is there you can prove?

They’re getting drunk again
They’re getting drunk, I just want sleep
The timing’s perfect now
Depression hits me all too deep

So cut your contacts off
Forget your friends, forget yourself
Cause just what can you save now?
Cause just what do you know how?

He showed up after me
I guess I’ll go home anyway
It’s all the same to me
I’m trying hard to fit in scenes

They left for Baltimore
They left for drinks and never came back
But for once can someone call
Just for once can someone stall
Track Name: Self-Portrait of You
A pyramid, she said
She loves you just the same
Come home, come home, come home

So mystified, she walks along the trail out back
The bay will fall

No ideas
I had another chance to make it right
We’re on the same flight

Something cool
I wanted to be someone that fit in
But oh well, I guess
No ideas...

A pyramid, she’s disapp-
-earing into what?
Flowers for spring

Some figurines, they say
They’ll last you for all time
Hold out, hold out

No ideas
A shower of beautiful summer lights
Glisten and tremble

I try to converse but I have nothing
To say to them
Track Name: Home I
A traveling salesman's death by technicolor
He speaks for the ages
The acidic content in that lemonade
Hits you in the chest

All my favorite bands are liars
They put on their makeup and say
They love you
I’ll just come back home now

Sit with the dog
and reflect
on life

Over one dumb thing
It freaked you out and set you up
The cops had known

You’re scared and you’re nervous
But what’s left of you anyway?

All my favorite bands are liars
They put on their makeup and say